A Website solution for all NWT MLA's

NWT based digital media company, With Media, has introducted a Visiual Indentity Standard compliant website solution.

With Media, out of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is in the works of implemented the styles outlined in the NWT Legislative Assembly’s new Visual Identity Standards into user-friendly WordPress website theme for NWT MLA’s

Communicating with constituents is very important for Northwest Territories Members of the Legislative Assembly. A website is one of the few digital assests that an MLA can truly own and control, unlike social media channels.

Kyle Thomas, principal of With Media


While this does bring a level of standardization to what an MLA website can look like, which With Media will make sure is compliant with new visual identity standards. There are still several ways a website can be customized, such as through different colour sets.

Examples of Legislative Assembly Logos

Examples of Legislative Assembly colour palette

Why Have a Website?

As an elected Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, you may want to ensure that you are communicating with your constituents as best as possible. One of the best forms of communication is through a website you control and organize.

Benefits of a Website

  • Organized and archive of Member Statements and Questions,
  • Outline of Priorities,
  • Promotion of Constituency Events,
  • Record of accountability as an elected official,
  • Owned Asset – No risk of losing control or violating Social Media terms of reference,
  • and, Increased Search Engine Optimization for being accessible to constituents.

If you are interested in having an MLA website setup, please contact us.